Arabian Horses Bred to work and look good doing it!...

Joey, a 100% Crabbet colt by Silver Wind Van Nina from the big, bold bay mare Saronett Ruh on lease from Michelle and Darren Meuwsen of Saronett Arabians arrived on the 16th October 2007.

He is a very forward and freindly, in your face colt with a lovely profile, great headset with wide jowels, liquid eyes set in those wonderful Arabian sockets, good bodied with straight legs and that awesome shoulder and length of hip Van gives his foals. Inquisitive and bold he marches to is own drum assured of his place in the world.


Comanche Lodge Altijira Silver Wind Van Nna Silver Conquest Silver Moonlight*
Silver Doura
Ronina Grand Royal*
Saronett Ruh Ruberto Sindh*
Mill Park Roseina Bronzetone

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