Comanche Lodge Paleface

palefaceComanche Lodge Paleface born 15th December 2007, a pure Crabbet colt by Silver Wind Van Nina from Saronett Dhehebi Zahra. A grey born chestnut, Paleface is an eyecatching colt whatever angle you look at him.

He will be a standout in the ring, on the trail and with his pedigree and type, in the breeding barn. Plenty of bone, yet refined and elegant, with natural movement meant to be ridden. 


Paleface is bred in the strain Dajani as both sire and dam trace back to Dajania. He has multiple crosses to Indian Magic, Naseem, Silver Fire, Skowronek, Riffal, Argent, Shafreyn and Sharima, the tail female of his dam as well as a host of Crabbet greats throughout his pedigree.

He has no Sindh* or Greylight* in his pedigree making him an outcross to many modern pure Crabbet breeding programs.


Comanche Lodge Paleface Silver Wind Van Nna Silver Conquest Silver Moonlight*
Silver Doura
Ronina Grand Royal*
Saronett Dhehebi Zahra Magic Myth Magic Carpet
Dancing Fay Argent
Dancing Silhouette


Comanche Lodge Paleface Silver Wind Van Nina Silver Conquest Somerled Baz Rakib
Barada 11*
Silver Radiance Electric Silver*
Royal Radiance
Silver Doura Silver Moonlight Indian Magic
Silver Fire
Eldoura Electric Silver
Ronina Grand Royal* Oran Riffal*
Sharima Shareer
Karen Silver Moonlight* Indian Magic
Silver Fire
Feodora Silwan*
Saronett Dhehebi Zahra Magic Myth Margic Carpet Risheem Irex
Sefra Rossfennick*
Priscilla Shafreyn* Royal Diamond
Rose Pearl Silver Moonlight*
Danicng Fay Argent Silwan* Dargee
Silver Magic* Indian Magic
Silver Fire
Dancing Silhouette Indian King Oran
Indian Pride
Dancing Shadow Datgee
Shades of Night
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"In the beginning, God gave Ishmael, son of Abraham, a gift, made of mist and dust, as a reward for Ishmael's faith and dedication to the God of his father. Out of the mist and dust came the first Asil Arabian mare, who was at the time in foal, and produced a son. From these two gifts from God came the beginning of the Asil (pure) Arabian horse." (Whitman Legend and Reality of Blue Star Arabians).

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