Comanche Lodge Altijira

Joey, a 100% Crabbet colt by Silver Wind Van Nina from the big, bold bay mare Saronett Ruh on lease from Michelle and Darren Meuwsen of Saronett Arabians arrived on the 16th October 2007.

He is a very forward and freindly, in your face colt with a lovely profile, great headset with wide jowels, liquid eyes set in those wonderful Arabian sockets, good bodied with straight legs and that awesome shoulder and length of hip Van gives his foals. Inquisitive and bold he marches to is own drum assured of his place in the world.


His dam is by Ruberto, a stallion we have much admired and we were very pleased to be able to be able to use a daughter. We have been looking to add the blood of the immortal Sindh* into our breeding program to add his athletiscm and never say die work attitude not to mention those lovely fronts and solid bodies.

Joey looks to have everything needed to be a sire of some worth. He is tall and at 6months is already looking for the girls. His temperament is brilliant, his matter of fact nature bodes well for future training. He is going to be a horseman's horse.

With his multiple lines to the Silver family, a double cross of Sindh*, multiple lines to Riffal and the great mare Sharima in his pedigree, on paper he should become a breeding force. Time will tell and we are happy to wait with this one. Like all his siblings he will be grey.