Fenwick Sarina

Fenwick Sarina Pure Crabbet Mare F7489 (1981-2010) Sindh*/Salvina  Laid to rest April 2010

Sarina is a big bodied Pure Crabbet mare by the immortal Sindh*. Bred at Fenwick she spent most of her life working on cattle properties and did not have her first foal until 15years of age. She is the dam of the top performing pure crabbet mare Koah Sabrina, sadly lost when in foal. She is a tough, affectionate mare, a good doer and a good horse.

For Comanche Lodge she produced one treasured daughter and one colt, the colt unfortunately lost at 10 days old. Sarina  retired to the old girls paddock with occassional baby sitting duties until she passed. 

Mahazin Ra'amia

Mahazin Ra'amia

 F28948 (2003) Dakila Ramadeus/Jirrima Rosetta

Pure Crabbet Arabian Mare

Owned by Mahazin Arabians Temora NSW. A big bodied chestnut mare kindly leased to us by Kellie McDougall, she gave us two fillies by Silver Wind Van Nina


The Cameo Katrinka

The Cameo Katrinka - pure Crabbet Arabian Mare owned by Comanche LodgeF6902 (1981-2009) Samiri/Ronina

Katrinka was a beautiful pure Crabbet Arabian mare with huge eyes and a lovely body. Katrinka has several progeny including a couple exported to the UAE.

Bought in foal to Silver Somerio to breed with her half brother Silver Wind Van Nina, Katrinka's first foal for us was an exquisite filly sadly lost to a paddock accident at 7months of age. She then lost a still born colt and has not bred since. 



Khanjur pure Crabbet Arabian Stallion owned by Comanche LodgeKhanjur was born on the 5th February 2008 at Danjera Arabians. He is by the very handsome Senussi from the mare Danjerra Tzakkar kindly leased to us by Mick and Gail Rooney of Danjera Arabians. He is a chestnut with lots of white like his sire and should darken with age. Freindly, outgoing and a bit cheeky he was born at Danjera as we were unable to bring his dam home due to EI. He is destined to be an outcross stallion for our Silver Wind Van Nina daughters.

His pedigree shines with the greats of Australian Crabbet lines.


Ashwood Simpley Beautiful

 Ashwood Simpley SusanF23631 (1999) Nareeb/Ashwood Saskia

Ashwood Simpley Beautiful is a pure crabbet mare, one of only a few get and grandget of the stallion High Falutin. Unshown herself, her full sister Ashwood Simpley The Best is a multiple Champion and Supreme at halter. Susan is a lighter framed mare but to date her 11 crosses to Riffal* have shown through in her two big foals for us.

She is a freindly, pleasant mare with good movement and is breeding very well.

Please click a tab for her pedigree and her foals.  


"In the beginning, God gave Ishmael, son of Abraham, a gift, made of mist and dust, as a reward for Ishmael's faith and dedication to the God of his father. Out of the mist and dust came the first Asil Arabian mare, who was at the time in foal, and produced a son. From these two gifts from God came the beginning of the Asil (pure) Arabian horse." (Whitman Legend and Reality of Blue Star Arabians).

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