Comanche Lodge Cloud Dancer

CL CLoud Dancer - Silver WInd Van Nina/Mahazin Ra'miaDot is a pure Crabbet filly born on the 28th December by Silver Wind Van Nina from Mahazin Ra'mia. From a maiden mare, Dot was rather small at birth but is growing into a very nice filly. Her dam, kindly on lease from Kellie Mcdougall of Mahazin Arabians, is by the big chestnut stallion Dakila Ramadeus a Sindh* grandson with lines to Riffal*, Raktha, and Silver Fire.. 


Ra'mia's dam is Jirrima Rosetta a granddaughter of Bayang* and Fabulous bringing in another line to Sindh* and Riffal*. Ra'mia CL Cloud Dancer - pure Crabbet fillyis of the strain Rodania top and bottom in her pedigree, a line known for strong hindquarters and producing enduring saddle horses.

Dot is an interesting combination of Crabbet lines and will join our broodmare band.




Comanche Lodge Cloud Dancer Silver Wind Van Nna Silver Conquest Somerled
Silver Doura
Ronina Grand Royal*
Mahazin Ra'mia Dakila Ramadeus Fenwick Renaissance
Millpark Golden Sequin
Jirrima Rossetta Windsor Park Khan
Fenwick Rosealita


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Comanche Lodge Cloud Dancer Silver Wind Van Nina Silver Conquest Somerled Baz Rakib
Barada 11*
Silver Radiance Electric Silver*
Royal Radiance
Silver Doura Silver Moonlight Indian Magic
Silver Fire
Eldoura Electric Silver
Ronina Grand Royal* Oran Riffal*
Sharima Shareer
Karen Silver Moonlight* Indian Magic
Silver Fire
Feodora Silwan*
Mahazin Ra'mia Dakila Ramadeus Fewick Renaissance Sindh* Silver Vanity
Ringlet Riffal*
Millpark Golden Sequin Nicodemus Indian Jewel*
Silver Sequin Greylight*
Silver Reflection
Jirrima Rosetta Windosr Park Khan Bayang* Fancy Shadow
Floret Sindh*
Fenwick Rosealita Fabulous Riffal*
Rosegrey Greylight*